Why Thirty Something?

I suppose I should explain the name of of my blog, "Thirty Something".

First, I turned thirty this year. That means that I could have this blog for 9-1/2 years and it would still be appropriate.

Second, I think there is a significance being in your 30's. In my 20's everything always turned out ok, responsibilities were there but not overwhelming, and overall it was a fun time, filled with adventure and whimsical ideas. When you turn thirty, all of a sudden you're faced with serious, grown up responsibilities and expectations. You find yourself stuck with house and car payments; lots of financial responsibilities. The dreams you had in your 20's do not seem obtainable. If you're married (which I am), you start to be bombarded with questions as to when you're having kids. All of a sudden you find that your friends are getting married (and some divorced), having kids and having play dates instead of "bar dates". Things change.

So, in short, this blog is about my adventures as a 30-something. All visitors, comments, advice, etc. are welcome.

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