Snow Day

For most of the Cleveland/Akron area it is a snow day. Not for me, though! Working for a consulting firm it is absolutely vital that we risk our lives getting here so we can then answer phone calls from all of the traveling consultants. Very, very important stuff.

Of course I find it "hilarious" that the only owner in town left at 3:30pm due to bad weather (while the rest of us had to stay until 5pm) and then he also stayed home today, not bothering to call the office until 8:20am this morning to let us know he wasn't coming in. Of course, us peons were not given any call or e-mail telling us to stay home if the weather was difficult (which it is). Absolutely no direction at all from our fearless leader during the second worst snow storm I have seen since I moved here in 2003. Have I mentioned this guy is possible the most self centered person on the planet?

So, this morning it took me about fifteen minutes to go about 1.5 miles - from my house to the interstate. Roads were horrible and still covered with snow, and had to drive out of my way to find a place to turn, as my typical spot was covered in snow I couldn't get through with my Corolla...plus there was a car already stuck there. Once I got on the Interstate it was ok as one lane was partially cleared, which was an improvement from last night. Most people stayed home, so traffic was minimal. Plus it seemed the idiots on the road yesterday were sleeping in, as everyone this morning seemed very respectful and safe.

The funny part was that I was so happy I made it to the building I work in...only to find that no one had plowed the drive and I couldn't get through. Had to drive about 1 mile to turn around and ended up parking in a bank lot across the street. One of my fellow co-workers did the same thing (he also had a long drive), so we trekked through the deep snow together to get inside our building. There were to be four of us here today, and amazingly three ended up getting here. One got a ride from her husband, and the missing one will probably show up later once her husband can drive her in.

I had to stop at the gas station this morning, and the cashier asked me if I was driving to work by myself. When I said yes her jaw dropped and she said, "Really?" I guess if you're a female that automatically makes you not want to drive in snow. Well, not me. As stressful as it was, there is also a rush I get from being on roads when conditions are poor. I put so many miles on my car, I enjoy a driving challenge occasionally. Of course, I have not been in an accident (minus my first "deer" accident last week, see my earlier post), so that's probably another ignorant reason why I kind of like weather like this. Plus it gives me bragging rights...right?

So for those of you staying indoors, you aren't missing anything. And for those few who care, here are a few pics outside our office windows for your viewing enjoyment!

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