I'm still at home, recovering from surgery. On a plus side though, it is March. And tomorrow is B's and my 5th year anniversary. Though we always talked about going back to MN for an extended weekend (that's where we were married), since I'm homebound that is obviously out of the question. I'm still going to try and make it as special a day as possible, though.

With the exception of being allergic to the steri-strips and bandage tape, I'm doing very, very well. My docs office is avoiding me today, which is unfortunate because I want to get clearance from them to start working from home next week. Though I have an office/desk job, my bosses need a note of permission from my doc. They are under the impression I'm some renegade person who doesn't follow orders when it comes to my health. Which is a hoot, because I have never been more compliant in my life as I have been at this job.

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That's just a hoot