In Hiding

My blogs have been few and far between lately, but with my current workload it's been difficult to find the time. The new job is going well, and I'm finally feeling comfortable with my responsibilities and tasks. I've already been able to make some very visible changes in our department, and the feedback I'm getting from management and staff is positive. There are still many challenges to face, so it will continue to be a very busy year. At least I'm having fun and the days do fly by when I'm there. Work life is good.

Personally, B and I are keeping busy. B finished his spring semester with two A's, so that was awesome. He's doing well in the MBA program and I'm obviously proud of him. Graduation date will be Dec. 2009, so that will be here in no time. We went to Pittsburgh a couple of weeks ago for a change of scenery, and to try out our new EZ-Pass device. We decided to get an "EZ" after our trip to D.C., since it is a pain to have to pay tolls all of the time. We rarely carry cash, so it's even more of an inconvenience. We can use the pass in 12-something states, including Indiana and Illinois, so it's worth it. We're going to Iowa for Memorial Day, so that will definitely be a time and money saver for us. The device did work, and we did find a few good buys in Pittsburgh. We also decided to never use I-376 again, since the last two times we have they closed off whole sections of the interstate, leaving us to sit in the car for over two hours trying to get through the detour.

Not too much else going on. I did have my appointment with a neurologist, who has an interest in my case. That was a great thing, to not have yet another doc turn me away. The best part was he is to-the-point, honest/blunt, and made me feel very understood and cared about. He was disgusted about the lack of tests and response from previous docs, so he put together an action plan. Had a CT and EMG on Friday; a bone scan was scheduled for the 23rd. He also gave me Lidoderm patches for pain, and another medication which I only took once before it made me so ill I had to miss a day of work. I feel like I'm on the right track with this guy, and am looking forward to what the results show.

That's about it. Will be heading to Iowa at the end of the month, and probably heading to Athens, OH at some point soon to visit my brother. And though I keep forgetting about it, I do turn 32 this week, so this will probably be my last "31" post. I still feel young, and like I have time to accomplish things, so I'm not to worried about it. Now when I turn 35...then some panic might kick in.

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Chrissy said...

Happy Birthday, Carrie!!