Freaky Wednesday

I come in today, open my e-mail, and find an email with the following:

Can you fly to Portland for an evening of no remembrance?

I wish I could say it was a typical junk mail, but it wasn't. It was from some guy (and obvious jackass) who owns an "asset recovery firm" that we (the company) engaged about two months ago. Our conversations were very limited, and mostly by e-mail, and the issue was quickly resolved in early September. So now I open my work e-mail, and as a reply to an e-mail I sent him on Sept 8 stating that the City of Cleveland did not owe us money and that the issue was cleared up...I get THIS reply.

I see the email was sent at 3:35am EDT. Was the guy high? Drunk? Did he accidentally mean to send this to another one of his contacts? Or is he just the biggest loser and freak out there? The answer is likely "all of the above."

So now I'm stuck with this nagging on my brain as to a response. I know sometimes it's best just to let things go, but I'm really tempted to write this guy back and tell him where he can go.


Chrissy said...

DEFINITELY tell him where he can go!!

Carrie S. said...

I almost did. Honestly, I really had to hold myself back on that one! But in the end calmer heads prevailed, and I decided to ignore him. I saved the e-mail, and if the situation happens again I'll bring it to the attention of the President and will likely get our lawyer involved. What a sleaze!