A Great Day After All

Yesterday most of my day sucked. Everything that could go wrong did. But at the end of all of it, I received such great news that it was worth everything I had been through not only that day, but this whole year - my platelet count is back to normal. While in February, before I have the IVC filter (made of nickel, which I'm allergic to) removed from a major artery, my count was 9,000. Going back through my personal files, I had not had a normal platelet count since at least 2006. But yesterday my count was 190,000. The surgeon thought the lab messed up, knowing my history, and requested a recount. The recount showed 194,000.

So as of June 30, 2009, I have platelets again. More importantly, I'm in normal range; minimum is 150,000.

I try not to talk about health on this blog as that is what my FailedADR blog is for, but it was too good of news not to share on both. Some friends are only aware of this one, so I thought I would post the good news here, too.

It seems like such a little thing, but I cannot describe what that number means to me. Many doctors have given me complete and blatant disrespect and attitude regarding my symptoms and have brushed off the horrible pain I'm in, but blood work can't lie. Having this number go back to normal is huge, because it supports the theory I've had for years that I had an allergic reaction to the artificial disc put in back in 2005. My body fought itself, caused my ANA count to go up and my platelet count to plummet. It also caused joint degeneration, most of it focused in the various joints in my legs. I believe the legs took the brunt because I had Lyme Disease for four years when I was younger, and except for blinding headaches most of the pain was focused in the joints of my legs, causing some arthritis. This set the stage for what I've been dealing with for the last four years.

There are still more tests to be done, and more time needs to pass before I have an official answer. But yesterday's result is the first true indication that I might have been right this whole time. I had asked about an allergic reaction prior to the surgery and whether it was a possibility and was told no, though it was listed right on the manufacturer's web site as a potential risk. I was told by more doctors than I could count that my pain was not from an allergic reaction, that it wasn't possible. I lost count how many times I was told "If you can wear a watch you're fine." Bull. I had that thought in my mind since early 2006, pursued it with every doctor I saw...and to think that I was right and not crazy after all would be a wonderful validation. It could also be a huge benefit to those out there who are looking at getting the disc - there is testing they can have done beforehand - and especially to those who got the disc and like me, suffered from unusual symptoms ever since. I don't just want help for myself, but if I can help others with this that would be the biggest thing. It would also make this whole experience about something bigger than me, and I'd be thrilled if that ends up being the case.

Today we are leaving for our vacation, so the news is a great start. It fills my soul with happiness, and it will be one less burden I take with me. Tonight we'll be in Scranton, PA, "home" of my favorite show, "The Office." Sure, they don't film there, but I still want to say I've been there, check out a few of the landmarks, etc. Plus it's only 5-1/2 hours away from home, so it's not a bad drive for this afternoon.

I'll be sure to write from the road, and will definitely have a ton of pictures to upload on Flickr.

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