Final Lap

I'm officially into my last week at work. Wednesday I came down with a horrible sore throat which turned into a cold. Thursday I had to fly to Lansing, MI for my last client meeting, and though the meeting was only an hour it really seemed like the longest site visit ever because I felt absolutely horrible. By Friday late afternoon I was finally home and trying to rest up so I could make it through these final few days and accomplish the big list of stuff I want to get to.

So today I woke up and immediately started getting stuff done. Sending out e-mails, writing out instruction lists and making sure anything I have here at home that belongs in the office (such as my laptop bag, extra power cord, etc.) get back to the office. I'm still not feeling great physically, but mentally it feels good to be closing this chapter of my life. I'm ready.

Also on a good note, my acupuncture on Monday actually did a lot of good. I'm still usually dealing with pain at the end of a day, but given the traveling and everything else my "during the day" pain is down significantly. Good news!

It's off to get more stuff done. Hope everyone had a good weekend.

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Chrissy said...

Happy last week Carrie! Here's to never having to come back to an unsupportive work place who leaves you with belittling comments! (i.e. when you're done with this little thing come back & be our partner). That blog made me go UGH! Congratulations! The best is yet to come!