My Final Idiot Story

Ok, one more thing about today, and it's also my final "idiot" story.

My cube-buddy Nancy comes over to me in the afternoon and tells me that the idiot partner approached her around 10am and said he was "FUBAR" - f***ed up beyond all repair. She asked why, and he told her that he was suppose to purchase a desk or mantel clock and have it engraved as a parting gift for me...but he forgot to do it.

With the luncheon two hours away, he asked if she could go to the grocery store and pick up a gift certificate for a restaurant or something. Hence the Carrabba's gift certificate I received.

Now I'm not saying that the idiot didn't value me enough to remember to purchase the gift. I'm just saying he's an idiot.

And that is my final idiot story. At least one related to this company.

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