Less Than a Week

It just hit me that in exactly one week, Brad and I will be packing up the car and heading to Baltimore.

I went to the hematologist yesterday, and my platelet count was up from 13 (on 11/26) to 373. My red and white blood cell counts are messed up as well, so no wonder I feel so horrible. Though the doctor was quite scattered and didn't seem to listen to a word I said, his assistant is to be faxing over the "surgery clearance" letter today. Until I know the letter says what it needs to say I can't help but be worried, as the last thing I want is another canceled surgery date.

Though I haven't taken any steroids in 50-some hours, I'm still really struggling. I feel jumpy, yet I'm exhausted and just want to lie around and sleep. My throat is swollen and I can barely talk. My head hurts, but on a good note at least I haven't had the severe chest pains today that I had yesterday. I know that I needed to raise my platelet count, but I certainly do not feel better now than I did last Wednesday before this started. Go figure!

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