Just a brief check-in, as I'm still more on my Failed ADR blog these days. Had the IVC filter removed in Maryland this past Friday, and am seeing very small changes in pain levels. Not drastic ones, just small ones. A week ago I was in agonizing pain that drove me insane, and now while I'm still in a lot of pain I am still somewhat able to work through it. Most of my energy is unfortunately going into my job; have to pay the bills. If I had my choice I'd still be working from home, probably PT as it is really difficult to stay focused for 10 hours and be in a car for almost 2 hours each day. By the time I get home I'm useless, and only do what I absolutely need to do.

If this whole health experience these last three years has indeed been caused by a reaction to nickel, I can't expect results overnight. From what I've read, it will likely take a month or so to really see a real change. What has been most affected is my blood make-up; my platelet count bottomed out, and my body's defense system - the anti-nuclear antibodies (ANAs) - took over everything and just attacked, attacked, attacked. It will take time for the ANAs to dwindle in numbers; my platelets won't survive while my ANA number is still so high. Both of these factors cause inflammation, hence the pain I'm experiencing. If after a month there is still no change, then I'm back to trying to figure out what the cause is. It's one thing to have pain, but another thing to have such odd blood occurrences taking place. Doctors may have disputed how much pain I've been in because I continue to work and be successful in my job, but I can't make up the results of my blood work. Something is going on.

It's just an odd time overall. I think at this point Brad and I are both almost taking things day by day, unsure of what the next day will bring. That's all we can really do at this point!

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