Reason Why Cleveland Clinic Sucks #47

Back in early November (of 2008) I requested a prescription refill online through the Cleveland Clinic. I had been taking this one drug to help me sleep at night, and while I had every intention of going off of it once I had my surgery, I was going to be a few days short and requested just a few pills (5 to 10) to get me by.

Now the Cleveland Clinic has an online system, so I used it. I figured it was easier than trying to call, spend time on hold and then end up being sent to some phone/key-entry prescription refill thing. I've been down that road and it can waste up to 30 minutes of your life just trying to refill a single prescription. So I did the online thing, and in true Cleveland Clinic fashion I ended up with absolutely no response.

So today I'm looking online at my drug store account, as I'm waiting for a prescription to come through in regards to my back surgery/leg pain. This one is not from Cleveland Clinic, which means I don't have to stress about it as much. But, to my complete surprise, there is my refill for the medication I requested back in November. Turns out it was filled on Thursday, January 22.

Let's see, by my math that means it took them over two months to call in the refill. Wow. Amazing work, Cleveland Clinic. Just one more reason you suck, and one more reason I refuse to go to you ever again. Also, if you think I'm paying for that prescription you're nuts - no thanks! Even if the darn thing is $4....

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Indrajit Mukherjee said...

I was serching for a place to vent my anger against CCF and found your blog. I'm glad I did.

I am being harassed by the CCF billing department for a long time now. The customer reps promise remediation every time I call them (and wait for at least one hour for talking to them!), but nothing has been done yet.

By the way, did you ever try to register a complaint on BBB? That does not work though, but it's nice to have your complaint documented somewhere.

I started making a blog page against the malpractices of CCF here: http://indrajit.wordpress.com/cleveland-clinic-scuks/