Catching Up

Since I started my new job I've been very bad about my blog. For shame! Anyway, I'm ready to get back into it now that things have settled down. So what's new...

The new job is great. There are days where I want to pull every strand of hair out in frustration, but it's really all good. It's challenging and there is a LOT of room for improvement. Once I'm done with year end stuff (which is close to being done), I can really start focusing on making some changes. I like the people and the management team, and I'm proud to be a part of it and happy I'm back. I still keep in touch with a few of my old co-workers, and of course the horror stories continue. It makes me even more grateful to be out of there.

The last month we've made a lot of little improvements around the house. The biggest one was that B and my folks put up crown molding on the first floor. It looks AWESOME! While they were doing that big project I was continuing my painting in the bathrooms. Our downstairs one is completely finished and turned out great; our master bath is still a work in progress. I think B took some pictures so I'll need to get them and will post a few soon. We also got a new tv stand and a corner shelf for our living room...the house has definitely been upgraded a bit!

All is good. Spent a lot of time with my Grandma B. and her husband over the holidays, and it was actually a pretty positive experience. My Dad's 60th was great and the video was near perfect. I've haven't seen my dad smile that much in a very long time. He usually mopes around on his birthday, but this year was different. He was in a great mood, and I think between the video, homemade cake (and intricate decorating), family dinner at Hyde Park and gift of new pool cues, it was a perfect day. I was glad to be a part of it.

Still more bad days than ok days. I went to a new PCP on Friday, who thinks I may have some sort of neuropathy or possibly fibromyalgia. Given the research I've done, I agree with her. I like the new doc, and she appears to want to find out what's wrong. I have an appointment with a neurologist on April 30, but until then I'll continue with my standard meds in addition to a new one that will hopefully help me sleep.

Between work, home and health, I've been pretty swamped. B and I went to Pittsburgh for a weekend getaway for his birthday, which was fun. It's a nice town, but you couldn't pay me to live there. With our 6th anniversary coming up the first weekend of March, we may do another getaway to celebrate; still need to decide where. I've fallen way behind on correspondence and such, so this week I'll need to take some time to catch up.

I better run, as I have to get up around 4:30 so I can get to work early. The weather people are "predicting" snow, so that could mean a lousy commute. Everyone have a good week!

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Chrissy said...

I'm glad things are finally calming down! Can't wait to see pics of the house! I'm glad your dad's birthday went well -- what a special gift you guys gave him! Take care & I look forward to reading more!