Trip Prep

B and I decided to go to D.C. for a four-day weekend to celebrate our 6th anniversary on March 2. We always have a great time in D.C., and it will be the first time we'll be there and not spend any of it with family. (Which don't get me wrong, it's always a fun time with B's family!) Will probably spend most of it in the heart of D.C., and maybe take a day trip to Mt. Vernon (which B hasn't seen) or Monticello. We're both looking forward to getting away and having a great time.

The one thing I'm doing this time around is trying to get a feel for good places to eat. We always end up with limited choices due to high wait times, or just choose badly. We're not talking pricey stuff every night, just good, decent food that we can't get in Ohio. None of that chain stuff, but not something that's going to put us in the hospital, either. So far I found a really good, cheap chinese restaurant that's rated the best in D.C. by almost everyone in that town, plus a really nice place near the capital for Sunday evening.

D.C. with the husband. Could it get any better?

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Chrissy said...

Have fun! What a great trip & way to celebrate!