Is it the end of the work week yet?

Even though I only work four days this week (I get every other Friday off), I feel like it should be Saturday by now. I'm not sure why my perception is so messed up. I blame the stupid time change.

To make my work week slightly shorter, I am actually leaving at 3:30pm today for my rheumatologist appointment. A part of me is anxious and horribly nervous, but the other half is calm and quite certain nothing of interest will happen today. My logical side says that the only thing that will happen is she will interpret my blood tests, go through my history and then probably run more blood work. Very little chance of any answers today.

Today I did, for the first time, have a Slyman's corned beef sandwich. Someone in the office, for St. Patrick's Day (pre-celebration), offered to pick up lunch from there today. Since we moved here B and I hear about how great and wonderful they are. Well, the sandwiches look just like the main picture on their web site, and while they are good, it's not the best sandwich I've had. It is huge though, so I ate about 1/4 of it (using a fork and knife) and will take the rest home to B so he can try it out. I know it's a lot of food, but I feel a little disappointed I spent $9 on it. Let's see, for $9 I could have bought:

  • 8 i-Tunes songs
  • A meal for two at Don Tequila's (a great local mexican place)
  • A yummy slice of cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory (I only eat there once a year at most)
  • One of my current prescriptions (though I'll still do that anyway)
  • 9 lottery tickets (though I don't play)
  • 2 gallons of gas for my Corolla, which would last me maybe two days to/from work
Alas, I should get back to work. Lunch/play time is over, now it's time to get things done. I'll be back later today.

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