Moving On

Ok, so Thursday evening I wrote a long blog, getting my frustrations out of my system. It was more of a venting exercise, and it did help. I'm not going to post it; I'm moving on.

The doctor appointment Thursday led to another dead end. I do not have a connective tissue disease, though I was told it is a possibility I will have it at some point. Luckily with those type of diseases it's pretty obvious, so if it does kick in at least it should be easy to diagnose for a change.

Almost everything has been ruled out at this point. The rheumatologist and my PCP think I have fibromyalgia, which is really a made-up "catch all" disease for people doctors can't diagnose. I've actually had the "treatment" already - a nerve medication and anti-inflammatory medication, and it did nothing except make my brain complete mush. The last opportunity, at least on this particular path, is the neurologist on April 30. So until then I'm moving on...just continuing to work, live life, and try not to get too frustrated or depressed with the situation.

Yesterday was my Friday-off, and B had it off too. I was still upset about the whole doctor thing and wanted to get away. Supporting my need to just get away and clear my head, we hopped in the car and went to Wheeling, WV to a casino there. We maybe go to a casino once every 2-3 years, and we always go with a limited budget. We also always never come away ahead, and yesterday was no exception. However, we had a blast. Sure, we smelled like cigarette smoke all the way home, but it was really enjoyable and the getaway I needed. I'm lucky to have such a great husband who is willing to do those types of things on a whim.

On another note, the Formula 1 season has officially begun. I'm thinking that Hamilton or a BMW driver will win the first race in Australia. And though he has no chance at all of winning or being in the top three, go Barrichello!

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