Sunday Afternoon

This was a weird week. Clinton won Ohio in the primary, keeping her hopes alive (unfortunately). We had a horrible ice storm, followed by a blizzard a couple of days later. My average trip time into/from work this week was about 90 minutes; usually around the 2 hour mark. And to top it off, a water main broke in downtown Cleveland a few blocks from where I work, causing not only a watery mess but a huge sink hole in the middle of a key main street that is a main route for most people who work in the city.

It's no wonder with all this excitement that it seemed like a long week, despite the fact we were in D.C. for the first two days of it. Hopefully this week will be a bit more calm. Not much is planned; Brad doesn't have class this week due to Spring break, plus he gets Friday off - and I do as well. I have my rheumatologist appointment late Thursday afternoon. Have an acupuncture appointment on Friday, but I'm thinking I'll cancel. I don't see a lot of benefit for the $110 I shell out, plus with everything else going on health-wise I'd like to hold off for a bit.

May everyone have a calm and uneventful week. And let's hope that Spring is just around the corner, because I'm ready for winter to be over!

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