Another Day for the History Books

Though I had no intentions of blogging on this particular blog until I was feeling better, I couldn't help but write a little something on today - Tuesday, January 20, 2009. Today Mr. Obama will become President Obama, and our first African American president. I understand the symbolism and the importance, and for that it should be acknowledged no matter what your political affiliation is. Besides, I'm a sucker for our rights and liberties as an American, and nothing makes me prouder or more emotional than watching the leader of our government get sworn in. Yes, our system has some major flaws and is in need of real repair, but it's my country and I'm proud to be an American. My family generations before me fought hard and sacrificed to get to America, and I am so grateful for that.

Like most Americans, I'm ready for change. I was not sold on the change that either candidate was selling on the campaign, but then again I'm a skeptic when it comes to campaign promises and I'm sick of the two key parties. But I see my family and friends fearing for their jobs, and in some cases, losing them. I see a tanked economy, housing market, and the realization that dreams are going to be a lot harder to obtain now than they were ten years ago.

I don't want to go back and recreate the 90's, which everyone always seems to deem as this wonderful period of history. I want the citizens of this country to evolve beyond that, because to me the 90's were about money and greed, and quite frankly I think that's a key reason we are in the mess we're in. I want people to take responsibility for themselves, to help out their neighbors, and to contribute in a positive way to better our society. I've heard soon to be President Obama touting these values, and I hope he means them.

I have a lot of negative thoughts about our governmental leaders and where they've lead us and where they are trying to lead us. But today is a day where I just wanted to put it aside. I want today to feel like there is hope for this country, and I want to "take in" this moment in history.

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