Thoughts on the Day

I was at my desk working when the inauguration took place, so I did two things when I had the chance.

1. Watched a video of the swearing in ceremony; I was very happy to see a close-up of the bible Lincoln was sworn in on, because I've been obsessed with him as long as I can remember and really wanted to see it. I would die if I had a chance to touch it like the Obama's did!

2. Read President Obama's speech. I find that it's better to read speeches than to watch them be read, because I like to take the theatrics out of it. So I read it...and was actually underwhelmed. It was kind of weak. Who knows, maybe I set the bar too high, but I was looking for something inspiring, and instead found more rhetoric about how we need to all come together. That's fine, let's all come together, but for what? I've been hearing this for over a year now, isn't time for something else? Again, maybe I'm being picky, but I just thought that considering all of the hype, it was a bit of a let down. I'm sure if I heard it read maybe I would think differently, but again...I'm more interested in the actual words than the performance.

I will say though, the picture of The Mall with all of those people was awesome. Quite frankly, every inauguration should be like this. It was nice to see people watching our government in action.

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