The Florida trip is going well. I'm in the northern/central part of the state so it's extremely hot and muggy. Despite the lack of direction/data from the client my Finance presentation went very well; it's always a good feeling when members come up and thank you, telling you that you did a great job and that it was very informative. It's a really great group of people up here and I'm glad I got to come.

My travel partners have actually been very great to be with. They are much better outside of the office than in. Hmm. I was upgraded to a "VIP" room at the hotel because they gave away my king-sized bed, which meant a comfy robe, free bottled water and free access to the lounge drink/food. I do think my boss was a little miffed about it at first, but I made sure to invite her and my co-worker up to the lounge after our meetings for free drinks. Everyone was happy.

I'm looking forward to going home and seeing B; it's been almost six days since I've seen him. And let's face it, the only time a Florida trip is enjoyable is when you can spend most of the day in the water cooling off. Yes, it will be good to be back home.

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