Flying Free

I found out from my brother this evening that he was accepted to Ohio University in Athens. I am absolutely thrilled for him and very proud of him. He has struggled (as I did) finding his path in life and I think he's finally figured out his true direction and calling. It will be his first experience away from the family (I don't count Kent because it was less than an hour from home), and I'm really happy for him. He will have ups and downs, good days and bad, but I have 100% faith in him that he will succeed in making his dreams come true. Though it's not like I see him every week or anything, I will miss knowing that I can't just hop in the car, drive 10 minutes and see him. He is always welcome to crash at our house anytime and I can't wait to go down there to see him in his new environment.

It's a big step, younger brother. But you're up for the challenge and you'll do just fine. Remember, home is always here for you and so am I.

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