Election Day Eve

After what seems to be a decade of campaigning, Election Day 2008 is just a day away. I'm not saying there will be results, just that everyone (should) be done with their voting tomorrow, if in fact they decide to vote. I used to be a person who thought that everyone should vote who can, but after some more life experience I've decided that if a person doesn't want to vote that's their right, too. All I ask is that those people keep their mouths shut because you really have no right to complain if you didn't vote.

With everything else going on in life, politics consumes more of my mind than I'd like. It is usually a cause of stress, anxiety and frustration more than anything. No matter what the results are after tomorrow, I don't think it will change anything in my own mind. Sad, but true. I've come to the conclusion that the governmental system is broken because we have not done anything about it. As American's, we've become lazy and taken our rights as U.S. citizens for granted. We've bought into the media and politician jargon that the only thing we're good for is a vote. "Vote, then don't worry your pretty little head about the rest." The truth is that we have so much more power than what anyone wants to actually talk about, because if most people understood what power we have then most politicians would be out of their cushy jobs and people would not be so dependent on their power and how they choose to use it.

I wasn't planning on this little rant, yet that's where blogging takes me today. Recently I came to the conclusion to stop complaining and start doing something constructive; to stop feeling helpless and start being helpful. So I've taken the first step in doing something which, when it's more developed, I'll share. With any luck, it will be a good project for me to start when I'm at home recovering from surgery.

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