For the last few days I have been suffering from ever-increasing headaches. I've narrowed it down to the following potential causes:

1. Going off a few medications that I was taking regularly, that I have to be off prior to the surgery so I don't bleed to death on the table.

2. The fact that I can't get in to see my primary care physician for the required history, physical and pre-op tests until Monday at 2:40pm. The results must be in Baltimore by Wednesday or I can kiss my surgery date goodbye. Considering this is under the Cleveland Clinic umbrella, you can see why I'm gravely concerned.

3. Work-related stress. Trying to wrap-up 3rd quarter numbers and about 100 other things. Plus I need to work on the transition/re-assignment plan so things don't fall apart when I'm gone. The 12+ hour days (not including drive-time) are probably not helping either.

4. Lack of sleep. I've been waking up at about 12:30am the last few mornings and not getting much sleep after that. Partly due to pain, partly due to worry and too many thoughts running through my head.

5. Unknowns still being unknowns. I'm still waiting to hear if this surgery will even be covered by insurance. Plus I'm waiting on information on an outpatient procedure I have to have done Thursday in preparation for the surgery. I have to be there at 7am, but Brad can't join me until later that morning as he has a class he can't miss the night before. I need to figure out how I'm getting to/from the hospital, plus I'm anxious as to whether this will put me out of commission in the days prior to the surgery. After all, I really wanted some time to just enjoy D.C. and try to get my mind off Nov. 24.

6. Lack of me time. I'm so busy trying to wrap up work and homeowners association stuff that I feel I have no time to prepare on a personal level. Considering I'll be away from home for three weeks, I really need that time but haven't found any yet.

I'm guessing my headaches are caused by "all of the above." And while I should stay late at work, or run personal errands after work, I've decided that I will instead be going home, laying down in a dark room and hoping that I'll get some sleep and feel better when I wake up in the morning. And if someone can maybe give me some fluids through an IV or something, I wouldn't be opposed to it. A glass would work, too.

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