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My last few posts have not been on the most happy of topics, so I thought I would share something more lighthearted today. My top television shows, at least as of now. What can I say, tastes change!

  • "The Office." I will never, ever get sick of this show. Now with the Michael Scott Paper Company in business, I'm more drawn to it than ever. I love how the characters have evolved, though I'm still wondering why Jim hasn't evolved more than the rest. They've hinted at some stuff with him in the past, but aren't taking it anywhere. We all know that Pam's his girl, but what does he want in life besides her and some kids? And am I the only one secretly rooting for Andy to figure out that he's gay and hook up with Oscar? Is there a more perfect odd-couple match than that?
  • "Arrested Development." No new episodes, but there will finally be a movie next year. I watched the show from day one, and now that it's on cable five days a week I still religiously watch. It amazes me how I still find something new each time I watch, even though I've seen each episode a minimum of ten times. The details and consistency in that show surpasses anything ever put on TV. That show is absolutely brilliant, and I cannot wait for the movie. Just like when "The Simpson's Movie" came out, I will have tickets for opening day and will be taking everyone I can with me. Leading up to opening day, I will also do my "top five episodes" blogs, just like with "The Simpson's." What can I say, they deserve the blog space.
  • "The Deadliest Catch." I'm not a fish person, mostly because it gives me a stomachache and most of them I find gross. While it took me awhile to get into this show, it's now something I'm excited about, and season five kicks off this week. I find it intriguing how people put their lives on the line and suffer through some of the harshest conditions on our planet, just to catch crab for people to eat. It would be one thing if crab was the only thing on the planet to sustain us humans, but it's not. I've seen enough episodes now where I'm invested in the crew, and care about their plight and their success. I'm definitely "on board" with the show.
  • "The Soup." Though it's origins started way back on the E! channel as "Talk Soup", definitely refrain from calling it that. Joel McHale absolutely makes my Friday evenings; he's intelligent yet hilariously funny. I think he is a genius, and I keep waiting for him to break out into a leading TV or movie role (which may happen soon if his NBC pilot picks up). Did I mention that Brad and I have tickets to see him in June doing his stand-up thing? I've read great reviews, plus have heard that he stays and signs autographs/takes pictures with everyone who wants one. Funny, good looking, and cares about the fans - how could I not love his show?
  • "SuperNanny." Oh Jo, how do you have the patience to deal with such dysfunctional and often obnoxious and clueless families? The children on this show are jaw-dropping loons, and definitely make me happy that it's just Brad and I and no little one(s) around. Sure, the parents on the show are the ones that have caused their kids to have issues, and I think we'd do a much better job raising a kid, but it's definitely entertaining to watch when they are not your own or related to you in any way. Plus what is it about the British that makes them more entertaining to watch? We don't watch often, but sometimes on a weekend evening when we're not out and there's nothing else on it can kill time.
  • "Dancing with the Stars." I never in a million years thought I would watch this show, as the demographic appeared to be more 50 and older. But when I saw some of the cast - Steve Wozniak, Steve-O, Dennis Richards (I can't stand her but wanted to see her fail miserably), I just had to tune in. And now it's my weekly Monday night staple. Brad has class, so it works out for him, too...I can just show him any cool parts when he comes in the door at 9:30pm and leave it at that. If I have one complaint, it's the dreadful singing on that show. Honestly, it's horrible, and often makes me turn the sound down or at times even fast-forward.
  • "Millionaire Matchmaker." When I first saw this show I was at home alone (Brad was in Iowa) and not feeling the best; it was during my surgical recovery. They had back-to-back shows from the first season, so it was literally an afternoon/evening marathon. As I laid on the couch in misery, I kept thinking to myself "What horrible, dreadful people." But guess what - I couldn't change the channel. I guess it's the old "Can't help but watch the train wreck" thing, plus I was not in good shape and the thought of finding something else to watch seemed too much work. The people are still horrible and dreadful, but it's entertaining and it is set in L.A. The "matchmaker" has some good points, but usually the stuff out of her mouth is pretty old fashioned, sexist, short-sighted and petty, but it makes for good TV. Definitely my "guilty pleasure" show.
There are also a few shows that I want to get back into, but am finding it difficult. They have moments of brilliance, but take a long time to get where they are going.
  • "House." Last week's episode with Kutner's suicide made me tune in, but I'm still having a hard time getting back into the show. It's never been the same since the original three support staff moved into different positions, and now that they killed off the only new character I liked...I just don't know if I can watch. I tape the show, but usually just end up deleting.
  • "Lost." I watched loyally for three years, but felt things were going nowhere and gave up last year. I caught one episode this year that I found intriguing, but currently have three on my TIVO that I can't bring myself to watch. I've come to the conclusion the only episode I'll end up watching is the finale, as I am very interested in what the heck this whole thing was about.
  • "Chuck." I like the show, but find it hard to stay engaged. I've missed so many episodes that I'm a bit lost. While I like the characters, I just find that it doesn't keep my attention. I want to be into it, but it's falling short for me.
Again, just something mindless for today. I've had a few rough days physically for some unknown reason, and it's something to help get my mind off my misery.

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