33's not too bad...so far

I've been through a range of emotions on the days leading up to my birthday. I think it was a solid combination of pain, a reaction to Melatonin I had taken a few nights in a row because I was having trouble sleeping, and the fact we're dealing with some serious personnel issues at work that I felt the Board was not going to handle appropriately. And if you know me, I have a hard time accepting things if I feel people are getting away with something that they should not be. I would have lost a lot of respect for the Board if they had chosen the path they originally wanted to follow, but calmer heads have prevailed and they are now going to go in the direction I recommended. The solution is not an easy one, but people made their own bed and now they have to lay in it. I have nothing to feel guilty about if in the end they lose their job(s).

Friday was actually a really good day considering the circumstances. A former President of the company who still works here part time was back from Florida, saw it was my birthday and invited the accounting department out for lunch. We were minus one person, but went anyway. It was part birthday celebration, part thank you for the little things we do for him while he's away in Florida for three months. He insisted on having wine, I had a great grilled chicken sandwich and then we all had dessert. I was absolutely stuffed, but if my day had ended there it would have been a good one.

Brad sent flowers and a bear; my parents sent carnations that looked like a big cupcake. It was really cool. My brother called me at 5pm to wish my a happy birthday in between his school obligations. I got a flood of emails and Facebook birthday greetings. Went home, picked up some Chinese food and met up with Brad, who had taken the afternoon off to work on a big paper due for his class the next day. We ate and talked; we had hardly seen each other all week, so it was nice to catch up. He gave me a birthday card, which ironically he had given me before. He even mentioned it before I saw it, and yes, it was definitely familiar. What was even more funny is the message he wrote was almost the same as he wrote in the other one. He's definitely consistent, which is a good thing in this case! I helped him hand write notes for a role-play session he had the following day, and then I headed upstairs so I would be out of his way so he could work. To my surprise the neighbors across the street then stopped by with a homemade birthday cake. Considering they didn't start speaking to us again until about a month ago after a 1-1/2 year silence (completely their issue...the one guy resigned from the homeowners Board and developed a jerky, isolated attitude towards everyone), it was a nice gesture. Unfortunately I was too stuffed for cake, so I went upstairs, watched some TV and fell asleep.

Brad came to bed late, and when I opened my eyes a little later I saw 12:17am on our clock. I have this weird thing about time; I can think of a time I want to wake up and literally wake up at that time using nothing but my brain. Honestly, no lie. So the significance of 12:17am on Saturday, May 16 is that was when I was technically born - Eastern Time. I was born 9:17pm in San Diego, California. So...when I awoke I had finally and officially turned 33. I didn't turn into a pumpkin, my life didn't implode. I was in horrible pain, could barely move, but was so exhausted due to some great pain meds that I just went right back to sleep. Welcome to 33.

On Saturday Brad left for class early. I got ready and met the parents at Olive Garden for a light lunch. We went back to there house where I got a few birthday gifts, one in particular which was awesome - a book about Abraham Lincoln and the people in his life, focusing on the day of the assassination and after. I had never seen it before, and I can't remember the name at the moment. The photographs are amazing; I did a quick glance-through and saw some I had never seen before in my collection. I'm excited to read it, and it's even more special because my dad picked it out for me. Let's face it, mother's usually do the shopping, so when my father selects a gift it gives it more meaning. Plus he and I share a love of history, so it was an appropriate gift.

Brad was still in class so to kill time we then did a couple rounds of bowling. I can't play in my old form due to whatever mystery illness I'm suffering from, but I can bowl over 100 so it's not horrible. I'm adapting, and I think it's fun. We even got my mom to play, who surprisingly ended up on the bottom of the scoreboard each time; my dad of course was at the top, but he has been bowling almost his whole life so we're at a bit of a disadvantage.

We then drove 45 minutes north to Cheesecake Factory. I haven't been there in years for a meal (we have picked up dessert to go on a few occasions), and thought it would be a fun atmosphere. Brad met up with us shortly after we got our table, and we had a relaxing, fun, good meal. We of course had dessert, so I decided to with something a little different; their 30th anniversary dessert. A few years off, but I felt it was appropriate. I also had to take a phone pic of my parents, since they are the reason I am here today. They, like myself, hate photos, so it was nice of them to comply with my request to smile for the camera.

So that was my birthday. Now when I'm a few years older and I can't remember, I have this blog to go back to. Brad told me the day before my birthday that we - the two of us - would officially celebrate the following weekend, so the pressure is now on him to deliver. I'm a simple girl; just take me somewhere that is not Cleveland or Akron for a day and I'm happy. There are too many things to see out there in this world, and I love nothing more than exploring. And exploring is always best when you have your best friend by your side. Time will tell what next weekend will bring.

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