Five Month Follow-Up

I am really trying not to post health-related stuff on this blog, but if you are someone who is only aware of this blog and are trying to finding out how things went yesterday, you can go to www.failedadr.blogspot.com.

I drove 800 miles yesterday to Baltimore & back. It's amazing how you're driving through three connected states, yet I feel like I went through about four different countries. The landscape, people and culture change so much along the way that I find it fascinating. Once I got north of Baltimore I started to get that "we belong here" feeling. It's something I've felt for awhile. Not necessarily Baltimore alone, but the whole D.C. and surrounding region. I've lived in nine states, which included ones out West, in the South and the Midwest. The D.C. region basically takes my favorite things from each of the states and combines it all together to one dream area, at least for me. While I would have liked to have made it a four day weekend there with the husband, he starts he one-week intensive MBA class (second to the last one) tomorrow, and it is hard to really enjoy D.C. when you're health isn't the best. I would have enjoyed it, but not as much than if I didn't have the leg pain to contend with.

We're pretty open this summer other than work, so we're hoping to take a few trips to the D.C. area, visit family and start to investigate some of the areas. We want to have a better feel for the different regions so we can make a decision where to focus our efforts on where we'd like to work and live. Brad will have the MBA in hand, so I'm letting him take the lead this time. As for me, I want to be near a Metro station and would love a job in D.C. I think I would be in heaven if we could make that happen. It's a good motivational tool for me.

I took some pics along my trip, but mostly in PA and I'm not sure how good they are as the weather was pretty overcast. The drive home was prettier as there was a lot of light fog, but then you lost the detail on the PA hills. I'll see if there are any good ones to post later.

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