Star Trek - 2009 Movie

So Brad, my dad and I saw Star Trek at the Strongsville Cinemark today. And...I enjoyed it. For a two hour film it seemed to fly by, and it left me wanting more. I thought it was pretty genius how they changed the storyline in order to give them more creative freedom with future movies, which there definitely will be. I thought the casting was brilliant, and I can't wait to see how this new timeline unfolds. I loved how pics from the film were released to lead us a particular direction that never occurred; another genius move. JJ Abrams did a fantastic job, and as long as he's leading this effort I will continue to be a supporter. I also enjoyed the quick cameos of people from some of his tv shows; he certainly seems loyal in that aspect to those lesser-known actors that he's worked with before.

With my dad on one side and the husband on the other, it was extremely cool. My dad would occasionally lean over and make excited comments about a certain character, especially those involved in the original series who did cameos or sometimes just were quick glimpses in the background. The acting was great; I cared about these characters, and they stayed true to who they are. Special effects were amazing...really, just a great movie. I can't wait for the next one, and hope that we're close enough to the family to be able to once again share the experience with Dad. And if we're really lucky, if we can get my brother that would fill in what was really the only "missing link" for me.

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