Bye bye, B

B is leaving for Iowa tonight, where he will meet up with his brother, mom and eventually his sister and her cute twins. I have not met the twins or his brother (who's in the military and is never usually around for family events such as our wedding in 2002), so I'm a bit bummed that I must stay back in Ohio and take care of the fish.

Ok, so the real reason I'm staying home is because my employer believes in giving people bonuses not at the end of the year but at the end of JANUARY, and they never tell us until last minute how much that bonus is. And even though we had a great year financially and all I hear about is how they almost have too much money in their pockets, my guess is our bonus will be a joke just like the last one. So because there is no bonus to count on at this point and since we haven't won the lottery (that I know of) I'm staying home.

So what will I be up to this weekend? Celebrating my dad's 59th b-day, which is today. Maybe chatting it up a bit with the neighbors or catching up by phone with long distance friends. My main goal will be to stay indoors as much as possible, since it sounds like Winter is finally going to show up on our doorstep tonight. I'll do a small grocery store run this evening, then curl up on the couch by the fireplace and read a good book and drink hot chocolate. But I must say, even though I lived on my own for many years prior to moving in/marrying B, it will be a very empty place without him. Sorry, but the fish are not a substitute.

I want to wish B a great, wonderful trip and I hope he can enjoy it as much as possible. Give those twins a big hug from their Aunt Carrie and take lots of video so I can really see them in action. Give your Mom and sister a hug as well and tell your brother...well, tell him what you want. :-)

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