Goodbye 2006

Well, as expected B and I did drive to Iowa this three-day weekend to spend some time with his mom. There was no discussion of recent health news; we just had a good time sitting around, sharing stories from the past and hearing the last news around town. The town B grew up in consists of about 800 people, so everybody knows everybody else. It's both good and bad.

B had to do all of the driving, poor guy. My back is giving me difficulties, so even driving 20 minutes to work is difficult. In total the drive was 11 hours and 40 minutes. One way. Did about the same going back. Had a surprise snow storm/mini-blizzard on Sunday evening, so that was "fun." Between that and the Bears horrible performance against the Packers it was not a good way to end a year!

However, I must give this a mention - B's Kansas City Chief's made it to the playoffs! Since I'm still fuming over my Bear's performance, I may start backing the Chief's for the Super Bowl!

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