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Got a new redcap goldfish this weekend; B named him Sammy. So far it's been pretty harmonious between him and our other redcap Louie. Fish One, who died in October, would have made life hell for him, at least for the first few days. Let's just say that the four fish that were with Fish One in his 3-1/2 years were scared leave the corner for at least their first day in the tank. I'll have to post a pic later. It's nice to see two fish in the tank again.

Going to pain mgmt doc today, will ask if I can go off the nerve medication I've been on since May. Docs keeping increasing my dosage but the only thing it accomplishes is making my brain more foggy and tired; no pain relief that I can see. I'd rather just take Vicodin between now and my surgery in Feb., it helps me out a lot more. I could go on, but that's really something I should probably put on my other, back-pain-specific blog.

One of my cousins, three years younger, sent out pics of their new baby's room. The baby is due on Valentine's Day; it's their first. When we were younger and in the world of make believe she always wanted to have 10+ kids, so it's nice to see her dream starting to come true. It's also weird to see someone I grew up with (at least until we moved far away in 1989) have a kid. Make's me feel like a grown up. And old.

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