Surgery - Again

It's official. I'm having my second back surgery on Tuesday, February 20. To say I am nervous is an understatement. It's not just worrying about the procedure and the 3-4 days in the hospital....it's being nervous over whether this will do any good in the end. If it doesn't I'll be looking at surgery #3.

So what am I having done this time? It involves putting some hardware (screws, mostly) in at the L5 level to hold together three fractures - two pedicle fractures and one pars fracture. All caused by the artificial disc I had put in back in May 2005.

So far my employer is being ok about me having to take off another 2-4 weeks off work for surgery/recovery time. We'll see...they are not known for being the best at communication where I work. Especially direct communication.

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