Good Day...and Week....

In regards to yesterday...it was a good day.

Hardly anyone in the office, though the phone kept ringing with requests from our clients and consultants on the road. My day was filled with birthday well-wishers and e-cards. I came home to a loving B. who had not only taken off work early, but ended up cooking me a fantastic dinner. The family came by briefly (unfortunately in the middle of dinner) to drop off gifts and cake. Opened cards and a few gifts with B; this year the gifts rocked - "The Simpson's Season 9" with my FAVORITE episode called "The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson" AND a new iPod. Best. Birthday. Ever. Ok, maybe not best, but it was up there. I like those simple days.

Not only was it my birthday, but the anniversary of B's and my engagement - six years. I always tease him that if I had said no or if our marriage ever fails he will have forever ruined my birthday. :-) However, I did said yes and we're still married after five years so it's all good.

So what lies ahead? A pretty busy week, actually. Lots to do to prepare for my NYC trip. Several work-related deadlines to meet. Need to squeeze in time for a Haircut and possibly highlights or a color (I like changing things up from time to time), along with a little clothes shopping. Post-birthday dinner with the family on Saturday afternoon, then an Indians vs. Reds game with co-workers Saturday night at The Jake. Then it's off to the airport Sunday morning.

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