The Aftermath

I started out the day being wide awake at 3am. I've been sleeping on the couch the last few nights due to an increase in back/leg pain issues, so I decided to put in season 1 of "The Office" to keep me occupied. I managed to fall asleep briefly a few times, but finally gave up around 5:15 and decided to get up.

I got ready and made it into work about 30 minutes earlier than usual. I got settled in and then decided to get the resignation part of my day over with. It went well; almost too well. My boss stated they always knew I would leave at some point to pursue my career goals, it was only a matter of time until they were no longer able to offer me the challenges I desired. I was allowed to tell my co-workers personally about my decision, and they were all very supportive. I will miss most of the people here. Yes, just most, not all.

My day has been spent in meetings for the most part. In between those I've been trying to get down on paper the various projects I'm working on and the necessary details people need to know in order to delegate the workload elsewhere before I leave. It will be a very busy couple of weeks.

Now I need to shift my mental focus to a personal level. B and I are going to western Iowa for the Thanksgiving holiday. We're leaving at 5am Thursday morning, driving 12 hours to his mom's house and hang around through Saturday morning. Saturday afternoon we'll trek back to eastern Iowa to see my grandma for a few hours, then will probably head to Joliet and spend the night. Sunday morning we'll head back home, hopefully before the sun goes down just so we have time to get some things done around the house.

Since we won't be back to Iowa for Christmas, this means I have some Christmas shopping left to do, along with some more grocery shopping as we are trying to bring some food with us to have a makeshift Thanksgiving dinner with his mom when we arrive. It's tough finding things that will survive a 12 hour trip! Besides, we also are concerned as to how many restaurant options will be available during our travel, so that's another thing to prepare. This is definitely not a trip that can be classified as "relaxing", but we're glad we're able to go.

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