Lesson of the Day: Communication is Important

I got into work this morning and after stopping by several offices to tell people "hi" I hit the mailbox area. Usually the mailboxes are pretty empty, but today I found a memo - "Notice of Blackout Period."

The memo was to "inform me that the 401(K) plan will be changing investment options and investment record keeper." As a result there would be a blackout period, which would "begin on [enter date] and end [enter date]." No really, that is what is said - no dates were given.

Not only does the memo not give the dates of the blackout, but there is absolutely nothing communicated as to what the plan is changing to, when we will be getting investment options, if there will be an educational session, etc.

As someone who once administered/oversaw HR benefits, this is a classic example of how not to communicate a 401(k) plan change. I like the plan we are on now - my return has been great. There IS a difference between plans, and I'd like to know where my money will now be going to. I find it interesting that in an office of 11 people, all of which are here today, that no one can be bothered with communicating this directly in a meeting, or at least in a better-written memo!

Just a lesson in communication, folks. :-)

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