The Verdict

I left work this evening around 6pm with no call. Needless to say I was a bit down. Went home, made dinner, spent some time on the web searching for jobs and then got an unexpected call on my cell around 7:50pm. It was the verdict.

I am pleased to say that I have accepted the job offer and will be starting in early December.

I'm a bit shocked at the moment...it's really hard to believe, quite frankly. I'm happy, but that happiness is being a bit smothered by the fact that I have to give my notice. I hate this part, especially since it's only going to be about 2 weeks notice, and two days during that time I will not be in the office due to Thanksgiving/a PTO day. In fact, now I'm wondering if they will even let me take that day as a PTO day. I'm wondering if they will even let me stay for those two weeks, or if they will show me the door.

I've always left on very good terms with employers, but this is an usual case. These people can have tempers and pick fights. I guess I'll find out tomorrow and just go from there. In the end, this is really a great opportunity and I know will be a very positive influence in our lives.


Chrissy said...

Congratulations! I'm glad you decided to take the leap! Best of luck to you - and who cares what the current employers say when you leave - it's not your problem anymore!

Carrie S, said...

Thanks for the congrats and positive comments. You're right, it's not my problem after December 6!