The Amazing Silverstone

I've been losing my love for Formula 1 over the last couple of years, but gained a little of it back after an great Silverstone Race today. Though I've only watched the live timing/commentary on the web (it won't be played here in the U.S. until 1pm today), it was awesome. Hamilton blew everyone away, and the best part...Barrichello placed third!!! Rubens always does amazing at Silverstone, which is a reason I chose him for the Formula 1 pool we have going (and the one I'm currently losing). I haven't watched a race from start to finish in awhile, but I'm definitely watching today.

I would love to say that maybe the Formula 1 powers that be will re-think their decision to get rid of Silverstone after 2010, but I doubt it. It appears their goal is to get rid of every decent track/race from the schedule. First Indy...now Silverstone. No wonder I've started watching NASCAR (and J.P. Montoya) more and more. Less politics, more racing, and more consideration given to fans.

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