Remembering Louie

Louie, a.k.a. "Big Lou"
September 1, 2006 to July 5, 2008

This morning our oldest fish, Louie, passed away. He had struggled with dropsy over the past couple of weeks, likely due to cancer.

We "adopted" Louie on September 1, 2006, which was also my mother's birthday. At the time we had another redcap goldfish, Fish One, who was our first fish and also 3-1/2 years old at the time. Fish One's tank mate (Norman) had passed that June, and seemed to be missing the company another fish provided. So we got Louie. He was always recognizable in the tank due to his unusual orange markings on his belly.

Even though Fish One was often a bully to other fish, he seemed to get along with Louie ok. Louie's laid back attitude made life in the tank very tranquil. When Fish One passed of old age two months later, Louie always seemed to remember his place. He was never one to enjoy the spotlight. When we got him a brother, Sammy "The Knee" in February 2007, Louie showed him the ropes and was always willing to let Sammy get the attention. When Sammy grew bigger and started throwing more of his weight around the tank, Louie let him have his way without any fuss. They were family, and Louie and Sammy grew close. During Louie's last weeks, Sammy would often sit at the bottom of the tank with Louie, fin to fin, in loving support.

Louie would never have the distinction of being our first fish or most loved fish, but his kindness and willingness to quietly fight in his final weeks will always be remembered. He was typically more of a loner, but truly had a good soul. He brought much happiness and entertainment to our lives. Louie, you will be missed. May your fish tank in the sky be filled with food, lots of plants, and plenty of rocks for you to suck up.

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