Tonight we added two new redcap goldfish to the tank. After Louie's death last week, I promised Sammy that if he made it through the week, I'd get him a new tank-mate. He was pretty down the first couple of days, but was back to normal by Friday. It was time to keep my end of the bargain.

We've always had two fish, and then when one dies the other is left alone. I've entertained the idea of having three fish so when one passes, the other two still have each other. I was planning on getting just one, came up with a name, and just needed to find the perfect fish to fit.

Then this morning B notified me that Tony Snow had died. I was a bit bummed...first Russert, now Snow. I didn't always agree with Tony, but he didn't let people sweet talk their way out of a question, and had the perfect tv/radio voice and radiated calmness.

So we went to the store tonight and choose two fish. I want to officially welcome Andy and Tony to the family. Tony is slightly larger and exceptionally calm and likes to explore. Andy is just crazy, wacky and all over the place. He's also scares easily. Andy is named after the character from "The Office"; he's not my favorite character, but he is my favorite character added to a hit show during the mid-course of it's run.

I don't want to freak out the newbies with the bright camera flash yet; maybe tomorrow I'll try to get some pictures for a proper introduction.

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