S. S. Lives

Yesterday was moving day for the accounting department. While that is a story on its own, what I just saw made me stop in my tracks.

My arch rival, Speedy Smalls...is apparently alive and living in my new office. Or at least one of his relatives is. When I moved out of my office I thoroughly searched for him and found nothing. And now, peering out of the vent area in my new space, I saw him. This time he was in reach, but when I went to crush him he darted out of view and back into the vent system. Same size, same speed, and the exact same area he lived in on the other side of the office. Coincidence?

I had the drive to kill him before, but the longer he escapes me the more eager I am to see him dead. I hate killing anything, but S. S. is so devilishly cleaver that I fear he will continue to torment me if I don't take him out. I may need something more powerful than the human hand here. I'm thinking a spray. Yes, the $5 bucks spent and lingering smell would certainly be worth the end result.

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