I'm writing today from the center of a construction zone. Everything in my office is covered with a fine, thickly layered dust. Outside my office door - oh, wait, they took the door out so it's really just an entryway now - I'm looking at the shell of what once was the accounting department. The used offices have been cleared, walls knocked down, ceiling tiles taken out and the flooring pulled.

This is what I walked into this morning, to my complete surprise. Last Friday was a "Friday-off", but when I last left these offices everything was as it has been for 10 years. It's quite a startling sight to see everything transformed in mere hours.

I walked to my new corner office on the opposite side of the building, and it's a completely different world. New carpet, new walls, everything empty, clean, vacuumed and ready for its new occupant, which happens to be me!

Unfortunately I'm stuck in the old, torn down area until they get the data connections in place on the new side. Yes, one would think that would have been one of the first things accomplished, but it was unintentionally forgotten. So now I'm stuck back here; lungs, eyes and throat burning, and feeling very dizzy and ill from all of the allergy and headache medicine I'm taking beyond the current medications I'm on for my pain issues. Last week it was bothering me just having all of this down the hallway, but to be surrounded by it is a bit much. To top it off, this is the second quarter close period, which means long work hours.

I'm going to try and not complain though, because I'm sure our move is just around the corner. Then the hell really begins.

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