Only nine days???

Exactly nine days from now I will be finishing the quarterly financial review with the Board members. Always a big task, but this time the meeting will be held in the morning, at a country club on the east side. While everyone will be making their way to the golf course afterwards, I'll be getting in the car and driving eight-plus hours to Moline, Illinois.

I remember when I started planning my Iowa trip several months ago. At that point I had plenty of time ahead of me to get things done for my mom's 60th. Now, however, I'm left with nine days. Nine very, very short days, and most of them workdays as well.

This is the point where I start beating myself up mentally about not getting things taken care of sooner. Granted, a large part of my procrastination was due to my health. I was hoping by the time Summer came that I'd have some sort of diagnosis and subsequent medication. Well, for me there was no miracle, so I'm now worse off than I was at the start of this, and I have nine days to get everything done. Yes, I've been slowly working on things over the last few weeks, but I feel I've made little progress. A slip on the stairs Friday caused a hurt right knee and sharp pains to the left of my spine (different than what I typically have), so this past weekend was worthless.

There are reservations to make, meals to plan, supplies and groceries to buy, a house to clean, a bathroom to finish painting, gifts to wrap, a car to clean and many, many other "to do" items. Oh, and then there is the cake I need to make and design. Yikes, it's even worse when I type it all out! It's comical, yet...not.

Well, nine days are better than one, so I better start crossing some stuff off the list. I have exactly two minutes left of my lunch...maybe I can get one reservation made.

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