Thoughts From a Cat

I can't believe I just did this, but I came up with a poem for the card I'm making for the cat to "give" to my mom. Yikes.

Today is an appropriate time to say,
I appreciate all you do for me each day.

Feeding me, brushing me, giving me pills,
In an effort to cure me of all of my ills.

Letting me lay in comfortable baskets,
While I look out the windows at stray cats making a racket.

Petting me, soothing me, calling me yours,
As a cat I could never feel more adored.

Holding me in your arms, rubbing my head,
Putting up with my loud cries when I want to be fed.

As my mom, you're at the top of the list,
No one else in this world would have treated me like this.

So on this Monday, first day in September,
I want to wish you a Happy 60th Birthday to remember.


Chrissy said...

Great poem! Being a cat lover, I can appreciate every single point the cat makes! It's tough being a cat mom!

Carrie S. said...

What is odd is that my parents bought the cat for my brother and I. They were feeling guilty about moving us once again - this time from WA to TX - so the cat was a bribe/payoff. He was loving to everyone when he was a baby, but now hates everyone except my mother. I'm just a fish mom, but I have a high respect for cat moms - they are a LOT of work, especially when you truly treat them as part of the family!