An Opportunity

Just when I think I have no luck at all, I get this sent to me this morning. The tides are turning! Since I'm the type of person who likes to share the wealth, if anyone wants to join me on this life-changing venture just let me know.


Permit me to inform you of our desire to go into business relationship with you. And let me start by para-phrasing the content of this message to your understanding, I work with Blackwater U.S.A, a US Security Contractor in Iraq that provides security protection for
American diplomats.

Two months ago my team carried out a raid in a Shiite militia stronghold south of Baghdad,Iranian-made weapons were among a large cache of arms and ammunition found during the operations and amount totaling US$35 Million in cash believed intended for use to purchase more arms or to finance the militia activities to frustrate US rebuilding of Iraq goals.

3 of the Senior officers in my team which includes me, have agreed and decided to keep this amount to ourself, reason why i have contacted you to assist us transfer this amount out of Iraq, and after our time in Iraq in some months time, we shall come for the sharing of the

We are willing to offer you the sum of US$3.5M (10% of the total sum) if you could assist us, we hope to hear from you soon in this regard.

Laurie Zaleski
Blackwater USA LLC

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Chrissy said...

I know you're a smart person, and I'm sure this was a sarcastic posting rather than serious, but on the off chance....I just have to tell you I think it's a scam!