Poor Cleveland

So this morning I'm driving up to the office building, and the cars are backed up to the street corner. As I neared the entrance, I saw that the cause of the backup was a car search going on for the parking garage next door - which is the Cleveland Federal building.

Security had two lines of cars, and they were going through trunks and the main part of the cars. I saw one security guy digging through someone's bag. Interesting.

While nationally it's received no attention, Cuyahoga County (where Cleveland is located) and several cities have been under investigation by the FBI in recent weeks. Offices have been raided, and they continue to expand the search. Is this extra security related to the investigation? Is it a random act they are required to do once in a great while? Or is there a perceived threat?

Exciting times in Cleveland. Oh, and did you hear the city also was #4 on the "Top Ten List of Dying Cities?" Hence why no one questions us from here when B and I talk openly about getting out of here in the next year or two.

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