Emmy's Part II

The middle. This huge "middle" part of the show that is boring, non-interesting and takes up the most time. Sure, there is some funny stuff. Loved the Steve Carell/Office bit. Conan O'Brien won something. So did Jon Stewart. It's boring but still better than the Oscars.

So as a time out I want to publicly tell Brad that I'm sorry that his Chiefs gotten beaten by my Bears today. He should take to heart, though, that unless they get rid of Grossman or manage to hypnotize him in order to improve his game, the Bears won't be going to the Super Bowl either this year. Poor Urlacher. He deserves to go to the Super Bowl. They just need a quarterback who can actually throw the ball to someone and have them actually catch it. Instead he keeps throwing it to some invisible dude that I never see. That invisible guy must not be able to catch because I see the ball bouncing a lot onto the field or ending up in competitor's hands. Maybe Grossman should try throwing to the visible people. Sure, I'm not football expert, but at this point what does he have to lose?

Oh no, now they are doing a big Soprano's tribute. I think I'll just TIVO the rest and watch it in the morning only AFTER I find out if any of my favorite shows won anything.

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