Today I received an unexpected e-mail from a previous employer. Here's the background:

I worked for a service firm in downtown Cleveland for four months shortly after we moved here. It was a great firm, over 100 people, very reputable in the national community. The people were great, I had a private office on the 15th floor, downtown, with windows and a door and I enjoyed my work. The downside was that the company had been in a rut for awhile and they didn't have the work needed to keep me busy. They underestimated my ability to learn quickly, streamline processes, etc., so I ended up with a job where I was really, really, really stretching on daily basis to find things to fill my day.

Then a job opportunity came from someone I had worked with at a freelance/side job I had. I barely knew the guy but I thought he seemed nice and smart, and then he changed jobs. He called me out of the blue one day asking if I'd be interested in a job with his new employer. I did a few interviews and they offered me a job. That same day the downtown firm cut everyone's hours except mine and my bosses to 32 hours a week. I saw others in the department who were close to retirement now at risk to lose their jobs; and here I had this unexpected opportunity. It seemed destined that I take the job, so I took it. Unfortunately I was already miserable even after the first day. It didn't get better...I just very slowly adapted to the negative, completely dysfunctional and at times abusive environment. I made it work, yet always slightly regretted leaving the much more enjoyable environment even though it was extremely boring.

So fast forward 3-1/2 years to today:

I received an e-mail from my former boss at that downtown firm. We had actually spoken in March when I asked him about being a reference for me. At the time he really drilled me about what I was looking for and also offered me advice, telling me to not accept anything below a management position. Well, as it turns out he announced his retirement for the end of the year. During discussions my name came up as a possible replacement so he asked if I would be interested in discussing the opportunity.

Needless to say I am pretty excited. I'm trying not to be because there are no guarantees, but the timing does seem perfect. I'm also very flattered because on my last day at the downtown firm my boss and one of the company partner's, in separate conversations, mentioned that my boss was looking to retire within the next couple of years and when that happened they would really like it if I would consider coming back. After working for a company for 3-1/2 years where they tell you one thing and then never follow through with it, it's nice to see companies/people in this world still follow through with things. I'm just really shocked they even thought of me, mostly because I feel I'm a pretty forgettable person.

So I've already sent the e-mail reply that I'm interested. I'm not sure what to expect from here. "It's just an honor being nominated." If it's meant to be then it will happen. If not then it won't. At least I'll have a job either way.

I'll give updates when I have them. I just had to share!

I hope all of you reading this (all 5 of you or whatever the small number is) had a great Monday as well.

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Chrissy said...

SUPER Congratulations!!! That is amazing that you have done such a wonderful job that after so many years they are still hunting you job. Even if the job doesn't work out, you need to have a personal sense of accomplishment that you DO make a difference and that the amount of work and dedication you put forth does not go unnoticed. YOU GO GIRL!!!! Give yourself a massive pat on the back. Then, take yourself out for a drink to celebrate! Anyway you look at it, it's an amazing accomplishment!