Peace and Quiet in W-Town

This weekend was awesome. Relaxing, peaceful, and quiet in our little eight-home neighborhood, which I'll call W-Town. Out of the eight homes only three of them were occupied, which was awesome. The other two homes didn't have a peep coming from them so we literally had the place to ourselves. So what did we do? We took advantage of it!

We cleaned the garage and patio, added mulch to our patio area, planted some mums in a new planter on our front porch, etc. It was awesome. No interruptions, no having to worry about nosy neighbors coming over and interrupting what you were doing just so they could gripe about other neighbors. We had every window open, including the front/screen door, even into the evening. As I write this all I hear is the sound of crickets and the light wind rustling the trees that surround us. Beautiful.

There was really only one negative this weekend - I got a speeding ticket. $145. Yuck. I haven't gotten one in six years, (and it's only my second one) and considering how much I drive on a daily basis I guess I was probably due. Still really sucked, though.

So what's up for this week? Paying the ticket. Trying to get in to the acupuncturist, since I have been feeling pretty lousy pain-wise since my last appointment - he needs to rework things, and I don't want to wait until my next appointment on Oct 8. I think on Friday B and I will be going to Iowa after work. We'd leave a bit early (4pm), and then make the 8 hour drive to Davenport. That would leave us with all day Saturday to spend with my grandma and would also give us time to see my great-aunt who had a stroke about a month ago.

I'm going to sign-off now and enjoy the quiet. I hope everyone out there had a wonderful and peaceful weekend as well.

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