So tonight B and I went to see Superbad. For me it was my second time, as I saw it with my brother when B was in Iowa. I love Michael Cera (I still can't believe Arrested Development was canceled after three seasons) but watching the movie for a second time was a bit much. B enjoyed it though and the cop scenes are hilarious, so it's all good.

Tomorrow will be interesting as we are having a homeowners association meeting. I'm expecting it to be horrible. I'm the treasurer so I can't skip it. It's been a bit messy these last few weeks as the secretary, who was someone I considered a friend, resigned. Without telling me; I had to find out from another neighbor. He's acting like a 4-year-old over something that is, in reality, not a major issue. For an eight-house neighborhood (and only six of the houses are currently occupied), there is a lot of dissent and childish behavior going on around here. It's getting to the point where B and I are taking day trips on weekends just so we don't have to be here since even if we are locked up in our house it doesn't stop people from stopping by or calling just so they can complain about the other neighbors or Board members.

It sucks I have two days in a row where I have to attend meetings I'm not looking forward to. Tomorrow is the Board meeting, Monday is a staff meeting which we have 2 times (or less) per year. If anyone can think of a good excuse I could use to get out of both let me know.

On a good note the local Fox station is airing the Bears vs. Chargers game. Go BEARS!!!


Chrissy said...

Having seriously bad "ladies days" is always a good excuse....and men NEVER ask questions!!!! I love your blog! Lots of good updates. It's great being able to read about what's going on in your life..it makes you seem not so far away!

Carrie S, said...

You're too funny! My mind automatically went to thinking "I wonder if I can fall down the stairs in a way that will hurt me enough to get out of the meetings yet not hurt me enough to put me back on an operating table!" I guess I went a little extreme.