Answer: How to Talk to a Drunken Father

Question: What is the book Lisa Simpson was reading while riding the school bus in the episode "Catch 'Em If You Can"? Thanks to B, that's the question on my Simpson's calendar today. I got that one right!

Busy week, yet the working hours seemed to d...r...a...........g. One of the longest weeks of my life. Though today will likely drag as well I'm pleased to report the car is packed and I'm ready to leave at 3:30pm to pick up B and head to Davenport, Iowa. It looks like we'll have great weather Saturday and it appears we will have my grandma mostly to ourselves. I can not tell you how excited I am.

Since my last post was regarding TV season openers, I must do a quick recap/judgment section:

House A-
The parts with Dr. House and Dr. Wilson were great, and the janitor scenes were funny! Unfortunately a big storm came through so I missed the last 12 minutes do to loss of satellite. Grrr. I looked up the show summary on Television Without Pity so I know what happened but I'm still ticked. I'll have to look for it in reruns so I can see how that final scene played out. The next couple episodes should be brilliant - Dr. House searches for a new team "Survivor-style"!

Kitchen Nightmares C
I've seen Gordon Ramsey's British version of this show and so far I'm liking the U.S. version a little bit less. However, this show is one of my guilty pleasures so I'm not about to stop watching anytime soon. I'm just hoping the moral of the story changes soon - I'm tired of seeing every show focus on the restaurant's failure being the fault of bad management. I want to see some fault on the chef's side as well!

My Name is Earl B-
Not my favorite show and it was also not my favorite episode. They did have to fill an hour though so I think they did a decent job. I'm curious how this "Earl in jail" thing will play out. For now it's fresh but it might start getting old really quick. I'm also still wondering how Jamie Pressley won her Emmy over Jenna Fisher. She's talented but I still think Jenna was robbed.

The Office 1st Half: A+ 2nd Half: B+
This was the show I've been waiting to see since May 24. The first half of the show was brilliant. I was dying with laughter! The funniest parts had to do with Dwight/Angela/Angela's cat Sprinkles. It was hilarious when Dwight gets back from checking on Angela's cat...she asks how things went and his response? "Well, your tv was on. Oh, and your cat died." Yes, it's sad about the cat but the scene was still funny. Great writing! And of course we all knew Pam and Jim would do the secretly dating thing. Works for me.

The second half of the show was mixed. Not as funny as Part I. Pam seeing Michael naked in his office - ugh. The fun run was not that fun. The camera crew confronting Pam and Jim about their secret romance was well acted. I think Dwight/Angela stole the show again when it finally came out that Dwight euthanized Angela's sick cat by singing it's favorite song and sticking it in the freezer. (and Angela figuring it out by finding bags of fries shredded in the freezer by her "dead cat's" claws!) It's horrifying, yet it's Dwight, so it's believable he would do such a thing and think he was doing the noble thing for a sickly cat who has no "food/clothing" purpose in life. I think this is an interesting development in their relationship. Angela being mad/vengeful always makes wonderful TV!

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