Leave town or hide out?

So I've decided to not drive to Iowa this weekend, as I feel it would overwhelm my grandmother as she will already have enough people there at the hospital. Maybe within the next month or so I can, but not now.

I still have this urge to leave though. Somewhere, anywhere. I feel caged. I either have to get in the car and go somewhere or else just hide out at home since I want to avoid the HOA Board members who are driving me crazy right now.

Instead I will probably end up just sitting at home and working all weekend on this big conference I'm in charge of, taking place in November. Plus I have a mailing list to finalize for a direct mail piece and also some web copy to write.

No wonder I want to escape!


Chrissy said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your grandma! Thank goodness she has people to take care of her! Good call staying home - I think a successful heart surgery will allow you to peacefully stay away while things calm down, whereas lukemia is a bit more serious and unpredictable. You'll get out there soon enough & she'll be just as happy (and more able to show it without stressing her out)! YOu should look into some B&B's about an hour away or so. You and your hubby could take some much needed R&R and maybe do some short hikes / watch the leaves turn, etc. Even if it's just one night, it'll be a good refresher..and leave the mailing list at home!! I have one of those to narrow down by 9/28 (just found out about the due date!) and don't know where I'm going to find the time! It all gets done in the end, so no worries!!

Carrie S, said...

I'm a bit more calm now, thanks. It was a stressful week at work due to a few of the people I work with being the biggest jerks you could imagine, plus Grandma wasn't doing too good there at first. But now she's home. Thanks for the positive message. :-)