1 of 5 Favorite Simpson's Episode's

Like many people in this world, I can barely contain my excitement over the soon-to-be-released Simpson's film. I admit, the first episode I ever saw in its entirety was the 1993 Treehouse of Horror IV episode, but it was from that moment on that I was hooked. I made it a habit of taping every episode on VHS tapes, to the point where I actually had each tape labeled with a number and a small binder with references as to what episodes were on what tape. I believe at one point I actually had 32 tapes. Thank goodness they finally started coming out on DVD.

Though the episodes are not what they once were, B. and I still have it as part of our Sunday evening ritual. Through the course of a day it's amazing how many times you can utilize a good Simpson's quote...after all, one of the things that makes this show so amazing is how relateable it really is. Think about it.

So, in anticipation of the Simpson's film debut, I'm going to share my top five favorite episodes this week. No particular order.

King-Size Homer, Episode, #135, Season 7
This is one of those episodes that has me laughing in tears every time I see it. From the moment you see Homer hiding in the bathroom stalls to avoid five minutes of calisthenics to the point where they are hosing him off in the hole, it is one laugh after another. Some of my favorite lines:

1. To start, press any key. I don't see any "Any" key. I see "esc", "ca-tar-l" and "pig-up." Phew. All this computer hacking is making me thirsty. I think I'll just order a Tab. (he then presses the "tab" key and holds an empty glass next to the disk drive, waiting for his drink to come out) Oops, no time for that now. The computer is starting.

2. Here's your lemonade and here's your beer.

3. I don't want to look like a freak. I'll just go with the moo-moo.

4. Remember, if the paper turns clear, it's your window to weight gain.

5. Um, towel-rack.

6. Um, I've been meaning to ask you, but did you put on a little weight this week?

7. Hmmm, that's probably better it didn't hit me.

8. I don't know, fish sandwich...are you sure?

9. You ate all the tarragon and you drank all the soy sauce.

10. It says non-toxic.....

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